For the complete bath experience

Welcome to the World of Alpen Secrets.  If you are interested in cleaning, toning and nourishing your skin you came to the right place.

We are Canadian and 95% of our products are made in Canada/USA, except for our loofah/accessory line which is made from materials that need a hot climate to grow.  Our bathing suit weather is only 3 months a year, so we are experts in warm foaming baths, showers and how to feed and hydrate the skin.

After you are done here, maybe you should go for a soak in a nice warm bubble bath.  There really is nothing better to let the day melt away.  Enjoy!

Oh and...

We are doing our best to lessen our carbon footprint.  We are evolving our packaging to use less material and more environmentally friendly materials.


We take animal welfare seriously and have never and will never test or harm any animals.  One of our team members is a former S.P.C.A. Animal Cruelty Agent and would not be too happy.