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Benefits of Bathing in a Warm Luxurious

Alpen Secrets Bath.



The most traditional reason to bathe is to cleanse the skin.  A quality Foam Bath aids in the cleansing of the skin while the warm water opens the pores further removing impurities.






A warm relaxing bath has been proven to reduce blood presure in most people.  A 15 minute soak before bed promotes relaxation, and better sleep patterns.


Loosen up your skin and open your skin's pores with a Foamy warm bath.  Use an Alpen Secrets massage implement and cleanser to gentle lift off old dead skin and reveal the radiant skin beneath.


How many rooms in the house can you call your own, if only for a little while?  Light a candle, add your favorite fragranced salt or foam bath, play some soft music, set up a bath pillow and just immerse yourself.   Let your body and mind escape.

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